June 11, 2005

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

1. What is your name?

2. What year are you born in?
A) 1983 or after.
B) 1982
C) 1981
D) 1971-1980
E) 1970 or before. I'm an Ah Ma/Ah Kong.

3. What's the total volume of music files on your computer?
A) 0 - 4.9 GB.
B) 5 - 9.9 GB.
C) 10 - 19.9 GB.
D) 20+ GB. And my balls are so fucking big.

4. How much of your identity do you dare reveal to complete strangers online?
A) Nil. No name. No pictures. I want to be completely anonymous.
B) I'll tell you my name. But no revealing pictures.
C) I'll tell you my name and I'll shamelessly camwhore for you.
D) I'll tell you my name, I'll shameless camwhore for you, I'll even tell you where I live! (ok lah the area only)

5. What's your favourite place to have lunch out of the following?
A) Starbucks. Or any other coffee/cafe place.
B) Some pizza place. Or any other fast food outlets.
C) Posh posh expensive 5 star restaurants
D) Kopitiam.

6. What's your opinion of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith?
A) OMG! Fucking fantastic show! 999 stars out of 5!!!11!!
B) I watched. Crap show. *yawn* I slept.
C) No one accompanied me to go watch. :(
D) Haven't watched. Can't be bothered.

7. You're trying to lose weight. When planning your strategy, which of the following first comes to mind? (I know many people do a combination of everything. The keyword here is 'first')
A) Go jogging, or swimming, or any other cardio activity not involving the gym.
B) Start working out at the gym.
C) Eat less.
D) Party more loh! Dancing helps weight loss. ;)

8. Which of the following best describes your favourite nightspot?
A) HideOut - the casual place to chill-out. Warm, old and artistic.
B) Attica - ultra hip, sleek and sexy. For the 'higher-class' people in us. Frequented by expats.
C) Devil's Bar - loud and happening sports bar, complete with soccer matches broadcasted on big screen tvs.
D) Zouk - the biggest and most popular dance club in town.
E) I'd rather stay at home.

9. Someone who likes you (and whom you fancy a little) approach your and shake you on your shoulders violently screaming "SO ARE YOU GONNA HAVE SEX WITH ME OR NOT!?"
What's your reply?

A) "I'm married. duh."
B) "I'm attached and I practise monogamy. So, no."
C) "Cannot. Shy. "
D) "Ok, lets have sex!"
E) "How much?"

10. Who's the hottest, sexiest, best-looking blogger in the whole wide world?
A) Kenny Sia

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